Summer Catchers in development

Summer Catchers takes you in the journey with a little northern girl to the faraway South and summer warm. Prepare for mysterious adventures, weird characters and non-stop riding!

Target platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (Steam, GOG)
Release date: TBD
Status: Working hard as a part of four-man team to deliver awesomeness and fun to players.

AnimTracer v1.0

AnimTracer is a simple and handy tool for Unity Editor intended to automagically fix animations when the hierarchy of animated GameObject is changed. Reparent, add, delete or rename GameObjects - all changes will be traced.

ChronoHelper v1.31

ChronoHelper is a free open-source tool for Unity Editor for controlling TimeScale in PlayMode with ease.
It becomes very handy when it’s required to examine a suspicious moment of gameplay in slow-motion or conversely when it’s preferable to skip uninteresting part in fast-forward.

ChronoHelper Plus last touches

ChronoHelper Plus is an extended version of ChronoHelper with some extra features.
Coming soon.