ChronoHelper is a free open-source tool for Unity Editor for controlling TimeScale in PlayMode with ease.
It becomes very handy when it’s required to examine a suspicious moment of gameplay in slow-motion or conversely when it’s preferable to skip uninteresting part in fast-forward.


Use ‘Window/ChronoHelper’ menu to open ChronoHelper.
To change current timeScale use the slider or shortcut buttons.
While being in EditorMode, ChronoHelper is inactive. That is done to protect the user from accidental changing of Time.timeScale project setting.

You can add, remove and modify shortcut buttons as well as change other preferences in the Settings window.


Package Manager (preferred)

To add ChronoHelper as a package:

  1. go to Window/Package Manager;
  2. press ‘➕▾’ button (in the top left corner of the window);
  3. select ‘Add package from git URL’;
  4. insert URL of the github repository

Git submodule

Open your favourite command-line interface, switch to your project’s directory and use the following command
git submodule add
Or follow the documentation of your preferred Git-client.

Download ChronoHelper as a ZIP-archive and unpack it to your project’s ‘Asset’ folder.


You may find more information in the manual